About Us

Our company was started by two friends in 2008, originally under the name Wax Off Wax On, that seen a need for less expensive and higher quality floor stripping and waxing.  Soon after we started, we developed a way to strip floors using only water. This helped save the customer money and helped with environmental issues as well.  This allowed us to grow rapidly serving many commercial and residential customers.

Within a year, we were getting request for Terrazzo Restoration and Polished Concrete.  We jumped right in.  After several years of experience, training, attending seminars and conferences we perfected our knowledge.  Terrazzo and Concrete polishing takes years of knowledge and a need for constant learning as no two floors are ever the same.

Seven years ago, we changed our name to E&C Floor Care & Restoration to better reflect the work we do.

We welcome you to call us if you have any questions on any hard surface. Even if you already hired someone and need advice, we can help.

Contractors that are thinking of pouring new concrete for polishing, remodeling an older home with Terrazzo please give us a call. For new  concrete we can help you pick out the proper mix to give your customer best possible polished/dyed concrete floor or restore the Terrazzo for the customer. We also welcome prep work from other contractors and enjoy working with them.

Thank you for visiting our site;

Clint & Earl