Never strip & wax again

Stripping and waxing floors can be expensive.  The labor involved in moving displays, equipment and the cost of hiring a company to strip and wax your floors can cost as much as .60 cents a square foot.  Even if you have your own maintenance program, you can still save an average of .25 cents per square foot in the first year alone.  We can show you how to never strip and wax again.  The products we use  to accomplish this are:

  • Easier to apply than wax
  • Coating will never yellow, chip, peel or crack
  • Breakthrough technology that does not support growth of microbes
  • Healthier than wax because bacteria, viruses, mold and algae can’t grow on it
  • Safer, because it’s far less slippery than wax, NACE Certified
  • Tougher than steel
  • Superior scuff and scratch resistance
  • Brighter rooms that smell better
  • Ingredients that are EPA recognized as environmentally friendly biocides

This method and products haven been proven to work.  They are currently in use at:

  • Mercy Hospital in St. Louis
  • Detroit Metropolitan Airport
  • Punta Gorda Airport

The coating can be used on: VCT, Terrazzo, Epoxy Terrazzo,polished  Concrete, Marble, Travatine, Natural Stone and any where that you would use a wax or sealer. It works great with all polished surfaces.